User Testimonials

This is awesome!

— A user from North Carolina, US

Outstanding service — thank you!
This email encoder rocks! As the webmaster of a large- traffic (...) site, I have been using javascript encoding (...) for a long time - but it is not sufficient anymore. Your 3-step program is truly an answer to a prayer, and I thank you for it.

— John K., US

Thank you for this!!
It is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the service very much.

— A user from Japan

thanks... tired of junk mail.

— Byron, California, US

Thank you for this encoder
it is really useful.

— Jörg, Switzerland

Fantastic! what more to say.
I'm trying to find something to improve, but I can't. It's perfect for me. Thank you very much.

— A user from Belgium

I am using your spam protected email with great success.
— Ian, UK

Thank you very much for this useful javascript.
I would like to leave my users the option to contact me, but not at the price of having to endure endless spam from mail robots. It is exactly what I was looking for, and I will consider donating.

— A user from France

Easy and quick.
Excellent snippet. Thanks!

— A user from New Brunswick, Canada

Well, I am very happy about it.
— A user from France

Excellent service - thank you!
I am linking to you from my site and telling everyone about your service.

— Jean, Canada

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