Preventing blog comment spam

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We present here a way to help preventing automated comment spam in in blogs. It works by encoding the comment posting URL of your blogging software. This is a more sophisticated setup of this blog comment spam prevention tactic.
  1. After changing the URL of your blog's comment executable, encode the new URL here. For this, enter your URL where indicted "Step 1: enter your e-mail address". Copy the code given to you and extract the strings string1 and string2, which look respectively like FPZEVPKWZXDS2M and %27%23%3E%237%23/1%3C7+1S%3F.
  2. Place the following code after the <head> tag of the page, after replacing string1 and string2 by their actual values:
    <script type='text/javascript'><!--
    function blurl(){var v2="string1";var v7=unescape("string2");
    var v5=v2.length;var v1="";for(var v4=0;v4<v5;v4++)
    return v1}
  3. Locate the comment form in the template of your blog, and remove the action attribute specifying the URL of the executable used to process the form results.
  4. Finally, add this.action=blurl(); to the onsubmit handler of the form:
    <form method="post"
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