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Standard Anti-Spam Tool

  1. I don't know how or where to paste the JavaScript snippet into my HTML page.
  2. The mail link doesn't show or doesn't work as expected after I have inserted the code snippet into my HTML page.
  3. I am using a mailto form, how can I use the antispam encoder to protect the form's recipient email address?
  4. I am using a form with FormMail, how can I use this tool to protect the form's recipient email address?
  5. How can I make the generated code valid XHTML?
  6. Encoding many email addresses on one page
  7. Will popup blockers allow the challenge window to be launched?
  8. Why is the code shown on the image sometimes difficult to read?
  9. How can I use my own CSS stylesheet for displaying the encoded email link?
  10. Can I use a rollover effect with an encoded image link?
  11. How can I use an encoded image link instead of the default text link?
  12. How do I insert the JavaScript snippet using Frontpage or Dreamweaver?
  13. How do I encode CC or BCC addresses?

Automated Anti-Spam Tool

  1. What is the automated (batch) antispam tool?
  2. The batch antispam tool doesn't find email links in the web page I submit
  3. Downloading your file after processing
  4. Programmative access with our SOAP API service

Form Spam

  1. Stop form spam with FormSmarts free integrated form spam blocker New!
  2. Preventing form spam by encoding the posting URL
  3. Preventing blog comment spam by encoding the posting URL
  4. Ask us to secure your forms and protect them against form spam.

Other Topics

  1. Can I use an encoded link in Blogger or other blogging services?
  2. Is this service free to use for personal/commercial websites?
  3. Will you keep my email address when I use the anti-spam service?

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